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Available Positions
Vetting Team Lead: (Part-time volunteer)
Coordinate vetting appointments for incoming and existing rescue animals.
Store all vetting supplies at your house and distribute as necessary.
Ensure all Spay/Neuter contracts are vetted within 90 days of adoption.
Work with administrator and follow up with adopters if an animal was sick or we are informed of a sick animal.
Coordinate with adoption team and ensure all proper paperwork is available for complete adoption records.
Maintain a supply of medicine and microchips available for adoption.
  Transport Team Lead (Part-Time Volunteer)
Coordinate logistical aspects of transports and coordinate with foster team lead.
Microchip incoming animals, inspect for fleas, ticks and other ailments and coordinate with vetting team lead.
Outfit incoming animals with collar and tags including mamas and babies for accurate identification.
Take pictures of incoming animals and coordinate with the administrative team for marketing purposes.
Scan in all paperwork to send to administrative team.
Maintain contact with transporters and update information in the rescue database.
  Foster Team Lead Duties: (Start out volunteer with potential for pay Part-Time)
Recruit new fosters!
Promote animals in need of rescue on the internet, social media working with the Adoption Coordinator.
Check foster applications, contact via email or phone and set up next steps the new potential fosters.
Set up home visits for new fosters.
Professionally handles questions the foster may have about training, nutrition, and vetting.
Coordinate pictures, videos, bios, and vet records for marketing and administrative needs.
Place all animals in foster care while working with the Adoption Coordinator and Administrative Team.
Create a fun environment where everyone feels a sense of comradely.
Attend Weekly adoption events.
  Adoption Team Duties Lead: (Start out volunteer with potential for pay Part Time)
Create adoption specials and choose a "Unique of the Week" for posting on social media, website and blog.
Promote adoption events with flyers, social media, television, newspaper.
Work with Vetting Coordinator to ensure animal care and proper record keeping .
Process all adoptions electronically and confirm donation and paperwork.
Run Campaigns; create marketing and advertising to increase adoptions.
Attend Weekly adoption events.
  Book Keeping/Administrator: (Start out Volunteer with potential for pay, part time)
Enter all pictures, bios, and vetting papers, adoption/foster applications into Shelter Exchange.
Double check all entries to ensure compliance with PACFA.
Work with Vetting and Foster coordinator to ensure proper media and paperwork are availalbe.
Create and help maintain a database of fosters and adopters.
Responsible for functions related to accounts payable, accounts receivable, invoicing, general accounting procedures, and book keeping.
  Adoption Follow-Up/Help Desk
Take responsibility for the RUFF email account and answer questions regarding volunteering, adoptions, vetting or redirect the call to someone in charge of the specific team.
Email or call adopters post adoption to inquire about how it's working out.
Assist with referring them to trainers or vets to aid with adoption success.
Post success stories on blog and social media outlets.
  Adoption Event Helpers
Be the face of the organization and see animals first hand go from orphan to family.
Be willing to clean animal waste.
Set up and take down kennels.
Talk to adopters and make sure it is a good fit.
Learn our adoption process and help out with paperwork.
  Social Media Administrators
Post our content on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Pintrest. You can be in charge of one or several depending on your time limitations and knowledge.
  Foster Parent
  Please visit our FOSTER page to learn more