RUFF Rescue

"It's not tough to love a RUFF!"

One of the requirements for adopting a RUFF animal is to provide training and support to that animal.  Having a pet is a relationship, just as with another human work must be put in to have a stable relationship.  We only want the best for our Really Unique Furry Friends and we know how essential training is to the process. We highly recommend that professional animal training be utilized if you plan to adopt an animal from RUFF.

Our animals come from shelters where many have had little time to interact with humans before being placed in a foster home.  They will not come to be perfect! They have been abandoned, mistreated, and subject to a life that none of us would wish on any animal. They will need some help transitioning, and it is your job to provide that support for your new pet.  RUFF Rescue is always willing to take back your pet if things do not work out in your family.  Please see the Returns and Rehoming information on our website.  If you return an animal to us, we will not adopt another animal to you at any future time.

Here are some general links to websites that can assist you with the transition of a new animal into your home, as well as local Colorado trainers we recommend.