RUFF Rescue

"It's not tough to love a RUFF!"

Every day shelters all over the United States are either forced (because of things like budgeting shortfalls, and/or lack of available donations), to make the decision, to euthanize thousands of our animal friends. And, unfortunately, although we try so hard to, we are unable to save them all.
That is why we have made it our mission to save the lives of as many shelter dogs and cats as we can, especially those who have been overlooked, and/or forgotten about.

The above most often includes, but is not limited to the elderly, the very young, and the infirm, which are often the hardest to place in a forever home by larger rescues and municipal animal shelters.  That is why we are relying on a Foster base to help us take these animals in, vet them, train them, socialize them, and prepare them for adoption.  In short, our little community of animal lovers, and activists, have decided to take up these "lost" animals as our cause, and their rescue our passion.

And, because of the community style setting of our "animal lovers" fostering system, we can make sure that every animal that comes through our doors is loved.
The final aspect of our mission is to never lose sight of our main objective, working towards making Colorado a NO KILL state.