RUFF Rescue

"It's not tough to love a RUFF!"

1. What is Ruff Rescue?

We are like minded people who decided that we needed to do everything we could to stop city and county shelter overpopulation and needless euthanasia.

2. What are we doing?
We raise money to coordinate the transports of dogs out of city and county shelters and into loving foster homes until they are adopted. 

3. Which pets do you save?
All breeds and ages of dogs from city and county shelters who were scheduled to be euthanized.

4. How can you help?
Please visit our Volunteers page to learn more, donate to the cause, or adopt one of our lovable RUFF animals. 

5. Do you take donations of items or cash and are donations tax exempt?
Yes we do! Please email us at [email protected] to coordinate an exchange. Everything over $250.00 is tax deductible.

6. Where is Ruff Rescue located?
We are a foster based rescue with foster homes and adoption events all over Denver and the surrounding areas. See our HOME page to see where we are next. 

7. What are your adoption fees?
Adoption fees vary depending on the species, breed and age of our animals.

8. How does the adoption process work?
You can read all about it on our Adoption Information page. 

9. What if I need to relinquish my pet, what do I do?
Email [email protected] to see if we have an available foster home. We will need a bio, pictures and videos of your dog or cat.   Our foster homes are reserved for animals with a due-out date at a shelter so that is our first priority.  We can also put you in touch with shelter's in Colorado that are better equipped to handle surrendered pets.

10. Do you take animals on a temporary basis or do you take strays?
Colorado law requires stray animals be taken to a city or county shelter, not be given to a rescue organization. 
We do not take animals on a temporary basis, we can however suggest boarding facilities if required.  Our foster homes are designated for dogs who will otherwise lose their life at the shelter. 

11. Can I request a particular breed?
We cannot guarantee the breed of any animal without a DNA test, so breed information is our best guess or based on information provided by the shelter.  We can provide what information we have and observations from the foster families.

12. Is the breed, age, and health guaranteed in all of your adoptable animals? 
We are not able to guarantee breed, age, or overall health of our adoptable animals, though we strive to give you as much information as we can.  Shelter animals are mixed breeds and often have little to no background information when they arrive at the shelter. We provide age estimates based on veterinary assessment and by checking the teeth of the animal.  We do our best to make sure every animal is healthy before they go to an adoption event and their forever home. As with humans, animals can get sick at any time and exposure level varies based on how recently they were in a shelter or transported here in close contact with other animals. Some illnesses have an incubation time and the animal may not show symptoms while in our possession if the time between arrival from shelter and their adoption is short.

13.  If the animal doesn't work out in my home do I get a refund?  
Adoption fees are non-refundable

14.  I see a certain animal on your website that I would like to adopt how do I do that?  
You can fill out the adoption application then contact us at [email protected]  We require that you meet the animal before paying the full adoption fee as we try to place our animals in situations that are mutually beneficial for both the animal and the human involved.  Please note that filling out an adoption application is not a reservation on a animal or a guarantee that you are approved to adopt.  Many animals receive several applications and we place the animal with the family we feel fits best.

All of our animals are in foster homes and spread across Colorado; our fosters are willing to work with you and we can usually accommodate home visits based on appointment and availability.  Attending an event is the best way to meet one of our dogs.