RUFF Rescue

"It's not tough to love a RUFF!"

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RUFF needs donations for sustainability!

RUFF Rescue INC is a charitable organization with IRS 501c3 status.  We are fully operational in the State of Colorado.

If you would like to donate anything other than money please use the form to the left to contact us or check out our Amazon wish list. Taking care of animals is expensive and we couldn't do what we do without community involvement.  We are currently in need of kennels, blankets, dog food, dog toys and treats, pet beds, collars, and leashes to name a few. They would also love a Kuranda Bed!

Is it RUFF to keep your house clean? We have a solution for you!  RUFF has teamed up with Bissell and their Partners for Pets Program.  All purchases of Bissell Pet products result in a donation to all of our Really Unique Furry Friends.   Click HERE to learn more. 

Also check out our Estate Planning and  Sponsorship page.

Adoption fees are also handled right here for your convenience, please click on the yellow donate button on the top of this page to be directed to our PayPal.  

Vet bills are some of our biggest expenses!

  • Health Checks
  • Vaccinations
  • Spay/Neuter
  • Heartworm testing
  • Preventative medications*
*heartworm pills, frontline flea/tick prevention, ringworm treatment, etc.

Vet Exam $10-$35 

Vaccinations Bordatella Vaccine (Kennel Cough) $17
Combination Vaccine (DHPP w/ Lepto) $25
Rabies Vaccine $13
Heartworm preventative medicine $5-$10
Flea/Tick preventative treatment $13-$20
Total $240-$352

Supplies and Other Expenses
Average 40 pound bag food $20-$27
Collars $2-$6
Leashes $1-$3
Bedding $5-$20
Total $28-$56

Average Cost per Rescue animal 
Vet Expenses: $240-$352
Basic Supplies $10-$20
Food Expense $20-$25
TOTAL $270-$397

Adoption Fee $75-$350