Dangerous Times For Local Mosquito

The local mosquito species has, by now, been through thousands of trials and tribulations over thousands of years.

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It was never a case of adapt or die for the local mosquito. More a case of adapt it surely will. And live another day. Such is the confidence of this species. Or is it brazen cockiness? This is how frustrated, fearful or genuinely concerned locals may feel about the matter of heavy mosquito infestations, particularly during the hottest summer months, even should it rain.

The local mosquito species may thrive under such conditions. Whether it migrated across the Atlantic Ocean with its wings and six itchy legs, not forgetting its weapon of mass destruction, the needle that has the potential to kill, or whether it has inherited this preference from its ancestors thousands of years, generally loves it when it’s warm and humid out there. It is rich pickings for the local mosquito breed. While mother mozzie is laying yet another batch of thousands of larvae, daddy dread is out and about DC collecting blood samples like a true professional, and if it happens to be that festive time of the year when people head off for summer camps or fishing trips, he’ll be dropping a few malarial bombshells along the way.

Their survival instincts drive them to this sort of thing. It snaps two of its six legs together and says to itself; let’s make another plan to get of this jam. And so it does. Poison went down, but not a scratch or mark. Just a full tank of blood. This is why locals need their mosquito company washington d.c. to come fully on board. So that before mom insists to dad; let’s make a few thousand babies-Splat!! End of the line!

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