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Thank you for considering adopting a rescue animal! Here are the steps you'll need to take to adopt an animal from RUFF!

Accepted forms of payment include cash, PayPal*, credit/debit card*, or money order payable to Ruff Rescue!  We're sorry; we do not accept personal checks for the adoption of an animal. We will only accept personal checks as a spay/neuter deposit. 

*Payment by PayPal or Credit Card will incur an extra processing fee.  

Adoption Requirements


  1.  Be at least 18 years of age.
  2.  Fill out our application and speak with an adoption counselor and meet/spend time with the animal you are considering adopting.
  3.  Show proof of landlord approval or home ownership if you are considering adopting. Landlord approval must specify whether or not there are restrictions on: size - breed - age - number of total pets allowed

We may recommend a RUFF-conducted "meet and greet" with current household animals and/or children. This can occur at adoption events or at your house depending on the animal, situation, and schedule.

Our adoption fee varies per animal, depending upon age, breed, and medical/behavioral conditions.

The price is listed on each animal's online profile. This fee includes:

  • spay or neuter surgery
  • heartworm test on dogs over 7 months
  • FIV/FeLV Test on cats (as appropiate based on age)
  • Age appropriate vaccinations
  • Age appropriate deworming treatment
  • Microchip

Common Adoption Fees

Puppies - $300.00

Adult Dogs - $200.00

Adult Chihuahuas - $50.00

Adult Cats - $75.00

Kittens - $125

Note: sometimes adoption fees will be higher if the animal had a lot of medical costs.


Adoption Process

  1.  Review our available and adoptable animals
  2.  Complete an online Adoption Application Form
  3. Speak with a RUFF Adoption counselor and spend time with the animal you are considering.  A bond, as well as breed knowledge, is an important consideration.
  4. Go through the home-visit and meet & greet as recommended by the adoption counselor.
  5.  Complete Petco or Petsmart form [if at an event]
  6.  Pay the adoption fee
  7.  Get and review your new pets paperwork. Understand when additional vaccinations will be needed.
  8.  Go home with your new rescue animal!

There are 2 ways to adopt: Attend an adoption event or send an email and fill out paperwork online

Events will be posted to our Facebook page and our Events Calendar every week.

Or go to our forms page to fill out the adoption application after you've selected a RUFF.  A RUFF Representative will contact you to move the process forward and to discuss your situation and the needs of the animal. 

If adoption is approved by a RUFF Representative, you can make arrangements on how to pay the required fees.

Please note:  RUFF rescue cannot guarantee the breed, age, temperament, or health of any animals. Our breed identification is a best guess based on the features and information provided, and rescue animals are "mixed breeds" which means there may be no single dominant breed and there is no breed paperwork.

Age is determined via animal paperwork from the originating shelter, by looking at the quality of their teeth, or with veterinary assistance when available. 

We are not veterinarians or trainers, but we will do our best to provide information about the animal based on our experiences while the animal has been in foster care.  

We have recommendations for training and assistance via our Resources page, and [when available] we can arrange a consultation with our trainer to provide information on how to integrate a new animal into your household.

Post Adoption Information

We will attempt to provide you with all required information at the time of the adoption of your new pet, however because there are sometimes delays in receiving copies of paperwork from our partners we may have to provide information after the adoption takes place.  In those scenarios you will receive an email within 14 days of adoption that has all available information including but not limited to: your pet's medical records and microchip information.  If you do not receive this email, please contact us at [email protected] or at the contact information that was provided when you adopted your pet.

  • Ensure that your pet's microchip has been updated with your correct information.  You should receive an email with information on how to do this after the adoption process is complete.
  • Do not hesitate to contact us with pictures of your pet, we love success stories and many of our fosters appreciate knowing the animal they cared for is doing well in their forever home.
  • If you need any help or have questions, please email us at [email protected] or the contact information that was provided when you adopted your pet

Congratulations on your new addition to your family!

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Returns and Rehoming

We understand that sometimes it doesn't work between a pet and their family, and that's a sad time for all involved.  Prior to returning your pet we highly recommend that you consult Veterinary Behavior Consultants of Colorado, or one of the other training and behavior resources.  They will come do an assessment of the needs of your pet and your family and develop a custom plan that allows your pet and your family to succeed together.

If this is not an option, or not successful RUFF will take the animal back immediately only if we have room in our foster program.  Since RUFF is a foster based rescue we may not have room, but we will make every effort to provide a safe place for the animal. In the event RUFF cannot take the animal immediately we recommend that you pay for boarding of the animal until such a time that RUFF has room available.

Please be aware that you will not receive a refund of adoption fees or boarding costs from RUFF in the event of a returned animal.  RUFF will provide a tax receipt so that the costs can be used as a deduction.